Brick chimney repair and heat insulation

Brick chimneys that had been actively used in the construction and gradually are losing its leadership giving way more reliable metal chimneys. But a lot of old chimneys still used and many need of repair or replacement, depending on damage.Basic damage a brick chimney receives from the condensate.  Condensate mixing with soot and that mix interpenetrating in a brick and damage it.

At the photo you can see a chimney which was prone to such effects. Condensate with soot seeping through masonry. The masonry is not strength but still kept normal.

The main reason that is the low temperature of the exhaust gases and it did not normally insulated also the low temperature in the attic.

In this case, it could be repair.

Since the chimney was still strong enough, I decided to repair  and insulate it.

1) First need to clean all the brickwork with a metal brush.

2) After cleaning, would be plastered chimney, it will give additional insulation and close cracks on the chimney.

3) Wrapping the aluminum foil around the chimney, it will reduce heat loss and protect the mineral wool layer from the condensate.

4) For fixing using the metal adhesive tape.

5) Wrapping with the mineral (basalt better) wool.

6) Fixing all joints by use  the metal adhesive tape. Of necessity using additional mount.