Painting and decorating make, when the basic construction is already completed. First of all, it is necessary for you to wall plastering. Plaster represents the solution which has slightly hardened which it is necessary to render on a surface of a wall, thus it is necessary to level a surface. It will allow to level walls and thus to warm garage.
There are various plasters: cement, cement-lime, lime-plaster. Also are starting and finishing.
Before apply of a stuff it is necessary to clear of a dirty and a dust a surface and before imposing of a stuff to moisten a surface.
On brick walls it is necessary to put an axe of a notch for the best adhesion a solution.
Height of a stuff is defined depending on roughness of a surface. For the control it is necessary to pull a thread about the beginning up to the end of a wall where to apply plaster. In places where plaster will touch with a tree, it is desirable to put a metal grid.
The cement mortal for plaster undertakes such:
1 part of cement, 4 parts of sand. Sand, raising durability of a solution, reduces its plasticity, therefore it can be entered into structure of less norm.
To apply the plaster by several layers. First the thin layer about 5 mm, the stuff of average density is necessary for this purpose. Then lay the basic layer but after the first layer will dry up. The second layer is necessary for leveling equally enough as last layer will be finishing which height, any more will not allow to level a wall.
And last, finishing layer level fine roughnesses.
Instead of daubing, it is possible to cover walls of garage decorative panels or plates.