How to Pour a Garage Floor

Garage floor, usually fill concrete. First of all, it is necessary raze and to raise the ground. It is the best way to fill sand, but it first may to fill all over the grounds (clay to not use better) and then to add a layer of sand (about 10 sm). Make even and fill in concrete, filling it is desirable to make a level little above, than level in a gate, it will not allow water to get in a garage.
At the order of concrete necessarily specify, that he was with fines fraction, differently there will be roughnesses. Before filling, on a parking lot of the machine it is possible to lay armature or a metal grid it will add reliability though for automobile machines in it there is no necessity, but all is recommended to make it.
As soon as concrete will stiffen, it will be possible to make a coupler of a solution, as from concrete, in general, much a dust.
Concrete take with a due reserve that has sufficed to make entrance for garage.