How to Build a Concrete Foundation

One of the most basic details in the future garage is, of course – the foundation of the garage. It is very important to make a foundation for conscience, because of it will directly dependthe reliability, of garage.

Foundation of the garage can be accomplished in several ways. There is no fundamental difference in the end, but the most common variant is the concrete strip foundation.

The first step is to dig a trench around the perimeter. The width of the trench directly depends on the width of the foundation, and the width of the foundation must be greater than the width of the wall of the garage at 30% (to make the width less is strictly not recommended.) If the trench will be installed with decking, the width should be slightly wider to fit the casing and does not reduce the width of the foundation.

The depth of the trench should be at the idea of being so deep until you reach the same clay or below freezing ground in the usual case is about a meter (not less than 80 cm), this, as experience has shown, in most cases is more than enough.

At the bottom of the trench you should put the sand, the procedure is the same in two stages. You need to put the sand 25 cm thick, then pour the water and pack as soon as stamped, the first layer is done dothe exact same second. Then install the planking.

Next, lie down on the prepared bottom bed of metal rods (rebar), in parallel around the entire basement, the ends of bars should overlap by at least 20 cm (more is better), it is also necessary for rigidity, to twist them with the wire. After that, the entire structure of the armature is suspended at a distance of about 5 cm above the sand to avoid future corrosion.

When the whole design has been prepared, the trench is filled with concrete. In some cases, concrete is put in vertical bars (at 1 meter from each other), for a future link to the walls. This will provide additional security and a bunch of basement garage with a wall, but very often do not, as the author of this article that in other non interfere with the garage to stand safely for many years.

Once the foundation starts to freeze, concrete can be sprinkled with sawdust or covered up that may be material. And if the weather is hot the foundation is necessary to irrigate with water, so freezing is not happening very quickly, from this it can crack, reducing its reliability. In the photo below you can see how looks like the foundation of the garage filled without the use of formwork.

Curing of concrete is quite long, so better to lay the foundation, within 2-3 months prior to construction.

Slab foundation

Calculation of foundation