Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors for garages consist of a special panel, the so-called “sandwich panel”, usually with a multilayer structure. These gates are very easy to use and virtually no space at the opening, and well insulated. The gate can be equipped with both manual and automatic electric with remote control. Sandwich panels are used for the gate are in different versions, the most common are made of galvanized steel with polymer coating and the more expensive framed.

Installation, assembly of sectional doors is rather complex undertaking, and it is usually as a manufacturing, bought from the manufacturer or vendor, but often simply part of the installation cost of manufacturing the gate.

Since the “sandwich panel” when opening shift at the ceiling you need to think of ways of the installation placement location and the need to strengthen the roof or ceiling of the garage. The photo shows the fixation of the sectional door to the ceiling is quite simple.

If the door is equipped with an automatic actuator is mounted on the middle rail.

When ordering, sectional doors you should pay attention to the availability of protection from breakage cables, springs and the lock on the object hitting obstacles in opening the gates when they open, close. If the gate will be equipped with automatic electric, then they should have a possibility of unlocking and switching to manual opening.