How to Heat a Garage

For that what to feel like comfortably in the winter in garage, it is necessary to warm it. It needs glass wool (mineral cotton wool), steam barrier, polyfoam or polystyrene foam. Glass wool in garage usually warms a ceiling, walls will be warmed by plaster (but it is possible to warm also mineral cotton wool). Glass wool equal parts is necessary for attaching to a ceiling if the ceiling is executed from boards that of work special it will not make, if you have made a ceiling of ferro-concrete plates, probably it is necessary drill to attach glass wool. After have attached glass wool, it is possible to start fastening steam barrier. He is necessary for pulling simply during all ceiling. From above steam barrier а it is possible to make already a ceiling. It can be executed from various materials, it is in most cases sewn up by plastic or wooden plates. Polyfoam (expanded polystyrene) is necessary for warming a gate. From the interior of a gate polyfoam it is necessary will attach, as a gate cannot be drilled, polyfoam can be pasted. From above also it is possible to attach plastic or wooden panels.

All this will not borrow a lot of time, but in garage you will feel like much more comfortably.

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