Preparation for building

Before you start building, you should prepare and have at hand the most necessary. Construction usually begins with an empty plot of land on which you can not keep your tools, construction materials and other equipment. Therefore, your need first to define with a storage location. If construction will occur near your home, then the problem disappears by itself, in other cases will have to haul yourself.


The best option is coveralls, but you can also use the old unwanted clothes. It is also without fail to have a few pairs of work gloves. In hot weather is also useful cap from the sun.


For making mortar you need a bath, a tub or a simple sheet of metal (it is quite suitable, and a sheet of fiberboard).

Buckets or other similar capacity. Needed to feed a small part of the solution directly to mason.

Water tank. This is usually a barrel, the more the better, since you will need a lot of water.

Shovels. One scoop shovels and one round-pointed shovel. Scoop shovels useful for the preparation of solutions, round-pointed shovel for earthworks.

Falsework. It is desirable to have two falsework of different heights. One for most work at height (eg: mounting a roof), and less one convenient for laying bricks. But we must keep in mind as the construction of the garage walls will need to build ” falsework ” of varying heights for normal bricklayer, in different parts of the height, perfectly suited for this board and bricks (cinder blocks). Photo of falsework on the page bricklaying.

Other tools

Plumb line (plumb line cord). Useful for marking the area and control the evenness of erection of walls;

Scutch(Scutch Hammer, hammer-pick), trowel , Rubber Mallet;

Wood saw, hacksaw;

Broom, water table (level), tape measure, hammer.

Once everything is ready, you can safely begin the building of the garage.