Garage protection

Special attention give to protection of garage against thefts.
Certainly, protection against penetration needs to pay attention even at garage building. First of all it is a thickness of walls. The thicker than a wall, the better, the thickness in one and a half brick will be good protection. Windows one of places through which very often there is a penetration, an ideal variant this full absence of windows in garage if nevertheless windows are mount additional protection in the form of a metal door which will be closed over a window from the inside.
Gate should be very reliably connected to garage walls. Naturally best variant are metal gate.
Also think of possibility of installation of the alarm system in garage. The alarm system happens two kind, independent and to connection on the panel of the centralised protection. The independent variant will help to frighten off malefactors, a siren or flashing beacon, and the attention of the security guard of garages (in a case if the guarded garage).
There are independent alarm systems about the notification on phone of the owner through network GSM, a call or sending SMS. If your garage in the remote place also to capture attention difficultly it is recommended to establish the alarm system with connection on the panel of the centralised protection. Thus it is necessary to pay a monthly user’s payment. In case of penetration on the panel will pass “activated” alarm systems and the dress of group fast reaction will be sent. As a rule, arrival makes nearby 5 – 10 minutes depending on affinity of a disposition of group of reaction. The panel can be both private, and state.