How to make garage roof

The roof of the garage can be done in different ways. The most common variants of this are slate roof and reinforced concrete beams, a more expensive option is a metal and shingles. Fix on the budget option, namely, on the roof of asbestos slate (in this variation can also be used – Onduline). Please note that for security garage roof is preferable with reinforced concrete slab.

Initially, you must install the beams, you can install them both across and along the garage (correct is longitudinal position as the rafters, but across, in this case is, not worse). The thickness of the beams should be calculated on the basis of its length, for a length of about four meters, will be sufficient beam cross-section 50-60mm. The distance between the beams should not be more than 1 meter. After installing the beams they need to be fixed to the walls of the garage, the best solution is fixing the girders in the prepared opening, followed by bricking in.

After the beams are installed and fixed, you can start to mount board (roof batten). Board can be as edging and the unedged. The best option is unedged board (pine), it is almost twice as cheap, as opposed to cut, and the difference you can hardly notice. In the photo there is the deck from edging board.

With unedged board (pine) usually comes a few edging boards, which should be used on the sides of the roof. If you use unedged board (pine), then before using it must be cleaned of bark. Nailing boards, try, that would be no big gap. As can be seen in the photo below for roofing unedged board may cause little gap but in general, as you can see, the differences are minimal in contrast to the price.

It should also be noted that for a roof of slate is not necessarily a solid crate, but for reliability it is usually made with a solid roof decking, and in the future it can be to replaced with more modern materials.

After board is fully nailed, you need to waterproof the roof of garage.

Waterproofing of the roof of the garage serves to protect the interior against water penetration.

You can perform a waterproofing ruberoid(asphaltic felt) as well as special roofing underlay foil (folie anticondens). The cheapest option is the ruberoid it spreads from the bottom up, so that was the overlap in a few inches, so water got under the slate will slide without getting underneath the boards. Underlay foil is stacked in the same way, and for attaching them use stainless steel nails or staples.

If waterproofing is executed, you can proceed to installing slate. For this you need slate nails, hammer and hacksaw(angle grinder). Before laying the slate you must cut corners, you need to do two of the four cross-cut angle with grinder or hacksaw. The figure below, shows what corners are necessary to cut. Slate, slate nails are nailed to the ceiling in a few centimeters.

Roof waterproofing

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