How to build a garage walls

There are several variants of the walls of the garage. The main options are made of brick and cinder block from. The walls of cinder block are not very reliable, because a wall of cinder block (see details of the cinder block garage) is easier to parse than a brick and burglars often enter the garage built of cinder block. Brick walls are reliable, but can get more expensive. In any case, it is recommended to erect walls of brick. Brick can be both red and white, but mostly, of course, is used white sand-lime brick.

If you are building a detached garage, make sure the walls are made, not less than one brick (or even one and half). Also, the width of the walls depends on what you’ll make the roof if the roof is made of reinforced concrete slabs, then the width should be exactly at least one brick.

Height of the walls is such as is necessary, but it is better to increase. If you make a garage for cars, you may want to think about the height of about 3-4 meters, you could place in the garagesmall minibuses, it will not much rise in cost the building of the garage, but in the event of a sale would increase its cost.

If the roof is made of wooden beams and ceilings, then on top of the wall it is necessary to leave the place where the wooden beams will be inserted (see photo).

In front of the garage, it is natural to leave a place for the garage gate. In the case of swinging gates, bookmark the bricks above the gate is best done after the installation of gates. To do this, lay out the wall with only one side of the gate, and then install the gates and then overlay them with bricks, that will achieve, monolithic construction and will not need to cover up and lay the gap. Gate size should be done almost right under the garage ceiling, leaving a maximum of 3-5 rows of brick, it will reduce the amount of bricks and at the same time will stop off in the garage more bulky machines.

If the gate will be installed into a finished opening (example – the installation of sectional doors), it is necessary to establish in laying a brick metal or concrete beam that will hold the brickwork above doors and gates themselves after installation in an opening mounted to it.

If the walls are ready you can begin to build a roof.

Calculation of materials for wall

Heat loss calculation